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جوهر العمل

Axens’ main areas of activity include:

  • Technology licensing, engineering design
  • Developing, manufacturing and selling catalysts and adsorbents
  • Providing consulting and software services: advanced control, simulators, technical and economic studies to optimize refining units
  • Supporting our customers’ operations with: technical assistance for start-up and follow-up, supplying proprietary equipment, delivering training and managing the catalyst life cycle

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How do we operate ?

The service offers proposed by the three business units are illustrated in the figure above, where a process unit life-cycle is described from the feasibility study up to the production and continuing operation phase. Axens does not carry out detailed engineering, equipment procurement or construction (EPC) services; this business segment is reserved for engineering contractors freely selected by the customer. In addition to offering patent indemnity, Axens’ role can be compared to that of an architect that provides the basic plans and performance guarantees.

Axens’ Business Units

To ensure the best service to our customers worldwide, Axens is organized into three Business Units:

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Engineering support

Axens’ extensive operations know-how and technology background is continually upgraded in response to our customers’ demands for lower investment and operating costs, lower emissions, higher energy efficiency, higher yields and shorter downtimes.

Engineering and design developments for new processes and improvements apply this outstanding expertise for both grassroots and revamping projects. Engineering developments are led in Rueil-Malmaison, France and Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

Pilot plant testing

Before commercial implementation of new products multiple steps of verification are required. Among them, pilot plant verification is a key to commercial success.

For that purpose, Axens invests heavily in Research and Development, pilot plant testing and scale-up production of catalysts and adsorbents. Some investments are for short-to-mid term commercial applications, but a significant number are for long-term objectives that will bear fruit in a decade.

R&D Investment

Axens, an IFP Energies nouvelles Group Company, has established a long-term research, pilot testing and analytical-service cooperation agreement with IFP Energies nouvelles.

This agreement secures a steady financial return to IFP Energies nouvelles and preserves both parties freedom to concentrate and capitalize on their core expertise: the selection and management of R&D activities and associated training services for IFP Energies nouvelles, and for Axens process, product and service development; marketing; commercialization and customer service.

This first-in-class pole of catalyst and process excellence in Solaize employs around 600 people and is equipped with 120 semi-industrial pilot units.